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A space for healing...

As licensed clinicians and life coaches, we believe counseling is about safety and providing the space to express yourself in a free of judgment environment. We walk alongside our clients as they discover areas of their lives where they have excelled in and areas that need more nourishment. 

We have learned the importance of creating a safe environment to encourage healing which presents an opportunity for emotional reconciliation.  By assisting clients to identify belief systems that often prevent them captive, we assist clients transition from negative thoughts to more positive and wholesome thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Our team is compassionate, empathetic, and solutions-oriented.  We provide exceptional care and assist our clients to develop and increase the ability to obtain and maintain healthy relationships, regulate their emotions, and manage stressful situations.

Each clinician has experience in various modes of treatment and are dedicated to walking this journey with you!


A Place of Hope

It has been proven that the quality of the healing environment can positively impact the healing process.  The “ambiance” of a space has an effect on people using the space.  I offer an environment aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, increasing a sense of calm and promoting a healthy mind.  This place is where hope begins, a place where you have the opportunity to experience healing holistically and explore possibilities to taking control of your life.  This is a place to make the choices necessary to journey towards healing.   

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