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Our Approach

Soul Discovery is a group of Mental Health practitioners all licensed to provide services in the state of New York. Our counselors believe counseling is about safety and providing the space to express yourself in a free of judgment environment. We will walk alongside you as you discover areas of your life where you have excelled

in and areas that need nourishment. 

All clinicians have an educational and professional background that includes assessments, trauma counseling, substance abuse counseling, safety plan which includes suicide screening, family/Couples counseling, crisis intervention, CBT, DBT,

Trauma Specialists, Positive psychology, Brainspotting, and EMDR.  Through these tools, we have learned to offer empathetic and solution-focused therapy to assist individuals to manage and or create balance in their lives.


We have learned the importance of creating a safe environment to encourage healing and to present an opportunity for emotional reconciliation.   We assist clients in identifying belief systems which often prevents them from making the necessary

changes to create the life they desire. We will provide a supportive environment as you develop an awareness of your unhealthy belief systems, challenge those systems, and create new and healthy ways of understanding and accepting past and present experiences.

We are compassionate, empathetic, and solutions-oriented.  She can provide exceptional care and assist you to develop healthy relationships through the use of effective and appropriate boundaries. 

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